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Canine Water Treadmill

At Dogpools Inc we supply the new state of the art Water Treadmill
We believe the  Canine Hydrotherapy treadmill is the easiest, most 'user friendly' product on the market today. Available in either pool or tank fed models, both versions  incorporate a touch screen operated PC. This provides the operator with the main control interface, allowing them to quickly adjust any of the treadmill’s controls at
the touch of an on-screen button.
The treadmill can also be controlled using the wireless remote control unit. This utilises a reliable wifi communication system and allows the operator to see the current status of the treadmill. Additionally, all of the major parameters of the machine can be controlled by the unit, such as speed, fill level and temperature.
All aspects of the Treadmill are designed with ease of use in mind and this also extends to the cleaning requirements. The entire treadmill mechanism can be lifted easily by a single person, allowing unprecedented access to the bottom of the tank chamber. Consequently, the removal of hair and other debris is very easy.

Dog pool
Dog pool

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