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About Us

We at Dogpools Inc build quality Canine pools of solid construction, fully insulated and use only top quality equipment.

DOGPOOLS INC are a company based in Norfolk.

We supply Bespoke Canine Hydrotherapy Equipment to the Veterinary , Canine Hydrotherapists, Boarding Kennels , Greyhound Trainers and Agility Trainers Worldwide.

Chief Engineer Brian Beadle has worked in the Canine Hydrotherapy industry for 15 years researching , developing , manufacture ,service and repair to most of the major industry professionals in this business.

As a small family run company with low overheads allows us to give a specific personal service and competitive pricing. All our equipment is specific Canine Hydrotherapy equipment.

We pride ourselves in our customer service and understand the needs of customers for speedy resolution of problems.

We tailor our pools to your needs and join you in your voyage into this exciting new venture.

Canine Hydrotherapy ~ Swimming Pools For Dogs ~ Dog Hydrotherapy ~ Canine Hydrotherapy Pool ~ Dog Hydrotherapy Pools ~ Hydro Pools For Dogs ~ Pet Swimming Pools
Pet Hydrotherapy Pools ~ Canine Hydrotherapy Pools For Sale ~ Canine Hydrotherapy Equipment

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